Grand Staircase Area Map
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Dixie National Forest, Grand Staircase Escalante Nat. Mon., Bryce Canyon Nat. Park, Capitol Reef Nat. Park.
Property View - Real Estate For Sale
Two parcels of land for sale near Esclante, Utah

7.69 acres + 53.41 acres = 61.1 acres

(water right - 1.7 acre feet) Parcels may be sold separately.

This is a unique area of the country (near Escalante, Utah) surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery in the western United States. The plateau above the land for sale is the Aquarius Plateau and is the highest wooded plateau in North America.  The Dixie National Forest borders the property and steadily rises from 7,000 feet to over 10.000 feet (3,000 feet difference) from the back of the property.  There are 50-100 lakes on the edges and on the top of the plateau and many are stocked with trout.  The wildlife in this area is abundant with deer, elk, black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, wild turkeys, eagles, hawks and more.  Many roads extend into the mountains for four-wheel drive tours and their are roads and trails for mountain biking, hiking and ATV riding. The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument begins just 1/2 mile from this real estate - land for sale.
View down on Meadow from hillside - Land for Sale
This photo is taken on the hillside at the top of the land for sale - looking to the meadow below.
Land For Sale
This scene is from the hillside to the southeast - looking northwest across the real estate - land for sale.
Real Estate - Land For Sale
Here's a closer view of the above scene.
Grand Staircase Ranch - Land For Sale - Real Estate
Standing in the meadow looking at part of the hillside on the real estate - land for sale near Escalante, Utah.
Looking almost due north across the meadow and the hillside.
A view almost straight south across the meadow.
Above is Scenic Byway 12 as it appears just in front of this Escalante, Utah area real estate - land for sale. Scenic Byway 12 is rated an All-American Highway and Car & Drive Magazine claims this is one of the Top-10 Scenic Highways in America. The road extends about 45 miles to the south and 75 miles to the north and, along this highway, there are two national parks (Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef), three state parks, a national forest and a national monument (Grand Staircase). Click here to see photographs of the surrounding area.
Escalante, Utah Area
The real estate - land for sale can remain intact or be sub-divided into six acre or larger parcels. The property was surveyed in June of 2008 and the property lines have been clearly staked.  Click here to see photographs of the surrounding area.
Escalante, Utah - Area Land For Sale